Summer House
23 single beds.
Relaxation Complex „Pašlaitė“
First floor of „Pašlaitės“ complex has guest room, which provides space for 25 people. There is also sauna and a pool with a bar next to it. Second floor has 5 rooms, where up to 14 people can stay for the night.
Relaxation Complex „Zurbynė“
8 modernly furnished rooms, which can accommodate 14 guests. Lodge is equipped with toilets, showers, mini-kitchen. Hall has a fireplace, pool table, built in audio system. In addition, nearby there is a sauna, pond and a fireplace.
Conference Hall
Conference hall can fit about 70 people. It has installed multimedia equipment, sound system, air conditioning. In addition there is a separate room for coffee, terrace.
Banquet Hall
The banquet hall fits up to a 100 guests. You can celebrate weddings, birthdays, corporate holidays and other occasions. It is equipped with modern audio equipment, lighting effects.
Sleeping Building
The building has 21 rooms: 9 double rooms with toilets and showers, 12 quadruple with shared toilets and showers. The building can accommodate 66 guests.


Sauna by the pond. It is nearby the recreation area which has a waterslide.
Pagonija Rock
First "realistic" climbing hill in Lithuania.
Billiard (Pool)
The resort has a billiard table.
Different Cooking Menus
Menu is underway.